Become a qualified English Teacher
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Why become an English Trainer?

If you are already teaching English to speakers of other languages, certification will enhance your opportunities in this fast developing industry. If you are thinking of becoming an English Teacher/Trainer or looking for a new career, then consider the following.

Training people in English can be a highly rewarding experience. Rewarding in the sense of achievement, as students develop and master the essential communication skills, courtesy of the dedicated work and tuition you can give them. Rewarding from the perspective of international travel opportunities for those who are able to provide such a service and who wish to experience the world whilst simultaneously working. Rewarding financially, in terms of the pay that is available for qualified English language teachers.

The world population continues to grow and with it, is a growing requirement for English ‘to do International business with’. English language training is a growing industry with a demand for skilled and able people to fulfil the ever increasing need in globalisation.

Being able to speak English as a native speaker, or as a high level non-native speaker, is an extremely sought after skill and INTESOL will provide you with the training and certification necessary to turn that skill into a rewarding, satisfying  and enjoyable career.

Why become an INTESOL qualified Teacher?

In the past, many expatriates have found their way into English training privately or at a language school with little more than their natural ability to speak fluent English, but today the emphasis is on quality assurance in business management and the need to provide an eminent service with competent and qualified staff.

INTESOL training courses provide language trainers with both the knowledge and certification to be able to utilise their inherent skills in English within the professional working environment of language tuition.

With nearly 20 years of English language training and ‘Train the Teacher' experience, INTESOL has become a leading brand in the world of instruction, and certified INTESOL trainers are also able to enjoy such recognition in a language world that needs and craves competence with qualification. INTESOL’s online courses for English language trainers are accredited by NCFE & ODLQC (The Open & Distance Learning Quality Council). Find out more about INTESOL Worldwide courses

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Qualified TESOL Teacher in 5 easy steps:

1. Obtain a promotional discount code from EGL.
2. Register online with INTESOL.
3. Download teacher training materials.
4. Send completed modules to online tutor.
5. Complete all modules.
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